✿ TS4 Goodie Bag! - Starter CC Pack
To all the people who got TS4 Today! All my Retextures in one unique file! It includes:

  • 15 Dresses
  • 3 Jumpsuits
  • 3 Skirts
  • 3 Tops
  • 2 Blazers
  • 2 Sweaters
  • 2 Outfits
Download here: x

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Marmaid says:

    This is so amazing! Thank you so much *-*

    Could you test these eyelashes in the full version of TS4? They are so amazing and I hope they'll work. Thank you if you'll do this for me :)

  2. I love ALL your creations! Thank you so much! :)

    Are your outfits safe to be used in the full game? I read somewhere that outfits must be re-done in some way for them to work?

  3. hi
    it did not work on my game
    do u have any idea why?

  4. So cute i love all your sims clothes

  5. So cute i love all your sims clothes

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