Hello guys,I have some news for you today! :) In these months some people donated to my blog and they helped me a lot. I want finally try to buy a private domain for my blog,so I will need more help from you to pay the monthly service. In addition:

1) I want to buy a professional software to improve  the quality of my custom content. I started to create custom meshes with Marvelous Designer,and I find it awesome. But unfortunately,the free trial expires after a month and I really want to buy a full license. 

2) I want to buy some premade 3D Models from to convert them for the sims 3. Some of them are really really expensive.

I decided to offer special gifts to all those who choose to donate a small sum of money to my blog:

- A sim made by me that you can request after the donation!
- A tumblr blog makeover (If you have one)
- Or,I can edit one of your Sim's pictures ^-^ Click here to see my edits. 

To donate,you just need to click on my donations page.
Send me a e-mail to choose one of the gifts :)

That's all! Thanks in advance to all those people that will decide to help me.
Sorry for my crappy english.



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