Tutorial: How to add cheek pores!
✿ What you need?
  • Photoshop and a good knowledge of the program. This tutorial doesn’t teachs how to use Photoshop and doesn’t provide it. You should already have it.
  • My skin pores texture. It is made by me,please don’t reupload it and don’t claim as your own. I could decide to find you and kill you in a horrible way. DOWNLOAD HERE
✿ What you have to do?
  1. Launch Photoshop,open your picture and the skin pores texture.
  2. Move the texture above your picture. You can also copy&paste.Then reduce the opacity of the texture at 30% (This is my choice,you could regulate the opacity as you prefer!)
  3. Adjust brightness,saturation and contrast of the texture,it should perfectly fit with the colour of your sim’s skin.
  4. Adjust the size of the texture. It depends on how big is your picture.
  5. Position the texture above the cheeks,then set the eraser to 25% opacity and 0% hardness (It should be very soft) and eliminate all the parts of the texture that you don’t need.
  6. Select the sharpening tool and add sharpness to the most important zones.
That’s all! It’s actually very very easy to do. I hope you’ll find this tutorial nice and useful ^-^ Don’t esitate to send me a message if you have any trouble.
I used the tag “s3cc” because I included the texture,that could be considered as custom content :)


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