[MF SIMS] We are all imperfect! - YA-A Female ND Skin
And here is it. My first skintone is finally ready,after hours and hours of hard work. As the title says,we are all imperfect,so please
have mercy on me,it’s  just my first try xp I really hope you will enjoy it.
The skin has 4 different variants:
  • Natural  [DOWNLOAD]: It has very detailed cheek pores and soft eyebags.
  • Pale [DOWNLOAD]: A lighter version of the natural variant,with less pores and little bit more matte.
  • Make Up [DOWNLOAD]: In this variant I added a soft black eyeshadow and the lips have a darker and glossy tone.
  • Freckled [DOWNLOAD]: And this is a Natural version plus freckles! (The freckles are only on the face,not on the whole body)
  • DOWNLOAD all the variants HERE.
Comments,tips,reblogs and messages are super welcome as always. I really hope that you will use it on your wonderful sims! :) Probably I’ll update it in the next weeks with more variants or some adjustment.
Thanks to the testers and to moonskin93 and simply-one-hell-of-a-simblrfor their huge help! Sim base by etiollesims


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  1. Omega says:

    These skins are amazing.

  2. Omg I found a new great sims 3 CC blog . I love your CC so amazing & great details . I just came back to playing the sims 3 yesterday after 5 months & I needed CC .

    Thank you so much !

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