Seven’s Wardrobe Collection - Modern Queen Dress!

Ok this is like the masterpiece of this collection. I’m really really proud of it,I worked day and night and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it :) I have to say thanks towhitecrowsims for her indispensable help with the skirt mesh that she edited,originally created by simplykitsch. Thank you so much. If you use it in your game or your sim models wear it for a photoshoot,just TAG ME! (use the tag “missfortunesims”). Reblogs,Replies and messages are super welcome!
Some Info about the dress:
  • Everyday - Formal
  • Young Adult - Adult
  • 3 Available Colours for the top
  • Recolorable Sheer Skirt



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  1. ~Helen~ says:

    It really looks wonderful! Will get a sim to wear it today! Now, I just need to find those latex shoes you have there! Mh!
    Thank you for this awesome piece!

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